.99 cent moment

Hello again! So my son informs me the other night that I have let every body down who has been logging on to my blog only to discover that I haven’t updated it in over two weeks!  This just goes to show you how slow I am to pick up this high tech brand of communication.  So as I was thinking about what to write about I was reminded of my little stop at Value Village the other night.  I get great pleasure from pulling into my local Puyallup Value Village every now and then and rummaging through the men’s shirts section and picking up screaming hot deals.  I have found shirts that when new are sold at places like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s for $50.00 to $80.00 but here they are only $5.00 or $10.00. Is anyone else out there with me?
So any way, I was there the other night and as I was searching for shirts an “older” gentleman came up to me and made a comment about the great deal I was finding in shirts, which I agreed with him on because one was only $4.99 and the other was only $6.99.  He moved on to another part of the store and after a few more minutes browsing through some more shirts I walked up to the check out stand to purchase my awesome shirts. As I was waiting in line the same gentleman came up and stood in line right behind me and noticed my shirt selection and applauded my choices, but then with even greater enthusiasm showed me his great find.  It was a shirt which was actually a bowling shirt that came from a bowling alley in Shelton Washington and had the name boldly printed on the back of the shirt with bowling pins displayed on the front and with even greater pride he showed that it only cost .99 cents!
As I complimented him on his selection and chuckled inside over his excitement over his .99 cent shirt, which he boldly declared to anyone who would listen, and as I enjoyed my own special deal it reminded me that such is the joy of living. Ultimately joy and a happy outlook is a decision, it’s a choice. If you choose to, a .99 cent shirt can provide as much joy as a $6.99 shirt or for that matter a $100.00 shirt depending on your outlook.
So look for the .99 cents moments in life that make you smile. They are just as effective as the $100.00 moments and you don’t have to charge it.