This year is a milestone year for Annette and I. This year we both turn 50 and celebrate 30 years of marriage. It has gone by so very fast. It's an odd feeling to recognize that we have spent so many more years together than apart. It's a wonderful feeling not because of the "years" part, but because it is possible to stick with anything for a long time if you're disciplined enough, tough enough, or just flat out stubborn enough. It's a wonderful reality because of all the things that we have come up against that we have overcome together. Because of all the fruitful results of loving one another as best as we can. Notice I said as best as we can because we haven't done life together perfectly, we have made a lot of mistakes and have seen God's grace on us. It's fun to look back and see the many blessings that our lives have been marked by. I think we should try and look at all of life this way. Don't concentrate on the discipline required to walk through life; look at the adventure of the journey, the victories won, the blessings we have experienced. It makes the journey so much more fun. Here's to 50/30 and to many more!


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