5 days until Christmas

5 days until Christmas can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it feels like a long way away. For others it feels like it is coming too soon. For others it’s counting the days with anticipation. For others it is a reminder of all that is yet to be completed. For others it is a dreadful thought based upon their experience with disappointing Christmas's past. For others it is the start of something brand new and filled with firsts. 5 days until we gather with friends or family in all kinds of meeting places—in  living rooms, family rooms, houses, community centers, military bases, shelters, hospitals, etc.

However we feel about Christmas being just a few days away, it is coming and, Lord willing, if we wake up on that morning no matter where we are or how we feel or whatever our mood, if we
are alone or with others, it will be here. And then before we know it, it will be over for many all too soon.

But as we are all aware of the meaning for the countdown to Christmas, it will not change or be any different. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.

I pray that however you feel about the coming of Christmas day, or whatever you have to get done before then, or whatever you are looking forward to or not looking forward to on Christmas day,
I pray that Jesus will be real to you and His presence will surround you with His love.  


Posted by Michelle Parker on December 23, 2012
To paraphrase what I heard a child say on the radio the other day, about the meaning of Christmas: Jesus was killed on a tree. And on Christmas we put up a tree and decorate it and put lights on it because Jesus is still alive!
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