30 mile bike ride

So I went on a 30-mile bicycle ride the other day. I know that doesn't sound like much when you first read it, but let me put it this way - it is only 25 miles from the Tacoma Dome to Safeco Field in Seattle. Are you getting the picture now? Yes, I was a bit sore the next day, but I recovered rather quickly considering that my longest ride previous to that was only about 15 miles. But the great thing about the ride was why I went on the ride in the first place. Yes, it 's great exercise; yes, it was at times exhilarating (especially when semi-trucks flew by only a couple of feet from me with only a $15 bike helmet to protect me); yes, I saw some great scenery; yes, I saw some strange people out there with me, but none of those are reasons why I went on the ride. 
 The main reason I went on the 30-mile bike ride was because my friend, Ron, really wanted me to. Friendships are vital to our life and I really enjoyed the fellowship and the laughter, especially Ron laughing at me several times as he is a much more accomplished rider than I am. But as I look back on our ride, my friend Ron also looked out for me. He gave some pointers to make the journey a little more enjoyable; he looked out for me and took the outside when we were in heavy traffic, and in that last couple of miles when I was getting a little worn out, he rode in front letting me "draft" behind him so I didn't have to pedal quite so hard, as we were pedaling into a headwind. 

I think that's what is so great about the church - if it weren't for church, I wouldn't have that friendship and many more like it. Look to make some friends at church. You won't necessarily have to go on a 30-mile bike ride, but you will have opportunities to enjoy many other things that you may never try without those friendships.